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Ink2image cartridges for Epson Pro wide format printers provide the perfect alternative to running expensive OEM inks.
Using Ink2image cartridges will save around 50% compared to original cartridges. All cartridges are filled with our award
winning Cave Paint range of pigment inks, which are color matched precisely to the original inks so no new color settings
or profiles are normally needed. Our cartridges can be installed alongside original cartridges to allow users to completely
deplete their existing inventory of inks before fully switching to our inks

As with all Ink2image color matched inks, Cave Paint inks have undergone direct fade testing alongside the original
Epson inks, and the results show slightly better fade resistance with all colors – users can be assured that prints made
with our inks will provide the same level of longevity as claimed with the original inks. The Cave Paint inks have also
been exhaustively machine tested for print reliability both in-house and at customer beta sites, and they have proven to
be just as clean running with the same non-clogging performance and print head life expectations as the original inks.

As part of our environmental policy, all Ink2image cartridges for Epson Pro printers use recycled original cartridges. We
collect in empty cartridges, drain and clean them, reset ink monitor chips, and then refill with our inks. All cartridges are
then tested in a printer before dispatch to ensure 100% reliability.
The cost saving from using Ink2image inks is quite significant with our cartridges priced at around 50% lower than the
originals. For instance, a typical user with an Epson Pro 7880 who goes through a set of 220 ml original cartridges per
month at a street price of $ 90 each, would spend $ 8,640 per year on Epson cartridges. By using Ink2image cartridges,
the same user would spend only $ 4,320,
a saving of $ 4,320 per year – enough to buy a new printer every year!

Ink2image cartridges for Epson Pro wide format printers are a true plug and play alternative to original Epson cartridges,
and provide excellent color matching and runability along with significant cost savings. To find cartridges for your printer,
click on the links below.
Ink2image remanufactured cartridges are available for the following printer models:-
Epson Pro 4000/7600/9600
Epson Pro 4800
Epson Pro 4880
Epson Pro 4900
Epson Pro 7700/9700
Epson Pro 7800/9800
Epson Pro 7880/9880
Epson Pro 7890/9890
Epson Pro 7900/9900
Epson SureColor P6000/P7000/P8000/P9000
This website is no longer being updated as of Jan 1st, 2018. Ink2image products are
available through Absolute Inkjet incorporated.
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